Your Heart & The Circulatory System

Hello! Is anyone out there? I am inside the circulatory system and need your help to get me out. The only way to get me out is to learn all about the circulatory system. Your goal is to work through the activities below and answer the following questions:
1. Why is the circulatory system important?
2. What smaller systems or parts that make up the circulatory system?
3. How does blood flow through the body?
4. What is blood made up of?
5. How does the environment and health of a person affect their heart rate?
6. How can we prevent heart disease?
Use the following internet sites to help you

All About the Heart- Excellent site that explains the function of the heart and gives an overview of the circulatory system. Great place to start your research!

Your Gross and Cool Body: Circulatory System- Good overview of the circulatory system.

Nova Map of the Human Heart- If you move the mouse over the picture of the heart you can see how blood flows through it.

Blood Journey- Site which explains the journey of blood. In the lower left corner there is an icon to click which will show an animation of systemic circulation and pulmonary circulation. Make sure to note the difference between the two.
Blood – The River of Life

What is blood made up of?

Coronary Arteries and Coronary Artery Disease- Short overview of what Coronary Artery Disease is. You do not need to read about the bypass surgeries. Just look at this page!

Nova: Troubled Hearts- Pictures of hearts that have heart disease or coronary build up. Some pictures are vivid, so you can skip this site if you want to.

Treating a Sick Heart- How to prevent and treat someone who has heart disease.

Now that you have done research; your job is to create slideshow that you could show to adults telling them about the heart and blood. Remember the keys to good slideshows
* Use visuals to help explain the topic.
* Bullet your ideas. Do not write in full sentences, you can explain in your presentation.
* Choose a background, slide transitions, and text animation that adds to your presentation and does not distract the audience.