1. Everyone has the right to learn

  • We should listen when others are speaking
  • We should organise equipment before entering class
  • We should always try and have a go - Take a risk!
  • We should be on time

2. Everyone has a right to feel safe

  • We should always speak politely and clearly
  • We should always walk when inside
  • We should keep our hands to ourselves
  • We should respect others belongings
  • We should pass objects hand to hand

If students make the effort to respect the rights of others, their efforts make be recognised by:
  • playing a game
  • freetime
  • stickers
  • praise
  • computers
  • drawing
  • popcorn/movies/party
  • excursion with Mr C
If students don't make the effort to respect the rights of others, the following will occur (in order):
  1. Explanation of why action is inappropriate
  2. Warning
  3. Separation from group
  4. Removal from classroom
  5. Sent to another classroom
  6. Detention
  7. Phone parents
  8. Visit Principals office
  9. Sent home/suspension