In 5/6D, we learn about Australian history.
We enjoy the lesson that was taught by Miss Di Fabio.

These are some of the things that we had learn:

- Botany Bay which was discovered by Captain James Cook.
- The first fleet
- The convicts that were abused
- Governor Arthur Philip
- The ships that they took during their journey like:
Friendship, Lady Penrhyn, Charlotte and many more.
- The indigenous people which were the aborigines and many many more.

We also learn what they did during their journey with the convicts.
Everybody in grade 5/6D enjoyed it as we learn more about Australia and get to know the country better.
Captain Cook, which was one of the leader, had very good things to do.
He was the one who drew Australia's map, gave the names to the animals in Australia and drew
sketches of them so that he could know the animal better. But it went to a sad ending because Captain
Cook was killed during an argument happening near the shore.

We will be happy to share many things with the other grades too.cookie-monster3-776987.jpg

Written by: Nur Dini 5/6D