All about our Netbooks

This page is all about our netbooks. Whether you want to know how to use a program, fix a problem or just see what other kids are doing this is the place to start!
How To Connect To Your Home Wireless Network
Step 1. click on start menu and type up Mobility Centre it should pop up
Step 2. click on it
Step 3. in the top right corner it should say wirless turned off there will be a picture of a computer and a X
Step 4. click on it
Step 5. then a menu of networks should pop up
Step 6. click on the apropriate network for you to use
Step 7. a box will show it will save the network to your laptop so you should click on it
P.S remember some network will be locked with a password if your home network is secured by a password ask your parents to give you the password and don't forget to change the proxy settings