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On Friday the 29th of May, some of the girls in the netball team at Gerbert Street played netball for the Graham street campus.The netball girls played against Dallas North P.S. First we walked to Campmeadows and then we waited with excitement to get on the bus. While waiting to get to Dallas North P.S we were so energetic because we really, really wanted to play!!! When we got off the bus we knew that it would be a challenging match. That's what we wanted! We all stood in our positions waiting for the whistle to blow.Jesikah our student teacher was our referee. As we were running up and down the court we got the ball and gave a chest pass to Tahisha and BOOM we got a GOAL! Though Dallas North had already got a couple of goals there was a big chance that we could win. As a few minutes passed we were starting to catch up. Half time came and we all got together as a group and talk about what we need to do to win. Dallas North was very nice for bringing us oranges. During the second half, we scored a lot more goals. Anamaria and Tayla worked very hard as a team to shoot lots of goals. The scores were five points all. It was a tie but it was a OUTSTANDING match!!

Report by Tricia & Anamaria
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On Friday we played against Dallas North Primary School in netball mixed. We played for Campmeadows Primary because they didn't have enough players. We first walked down to Campmeadows and waited for the bus to come. When we arrived at Dallas North P.S we prepared ourselves. We got into our positions. The girls team played first and we played second. It was a challenging match for them because they had no boys playing on that day. Jesikah prepared all the netball teams and Miss Tracey from Campmeadows helped us and supported us as well as the girls netball team. While the girls were having their match, Miss Tracey got us ready and trained us. As soon as Jesikah blew the whistle everyone ran for the ball. The yellow team started off and they were leading. We caught up and the scores turned out to be six to four. We couldn't have done it without our players and Jesikah for being our referee and coach. WE WON!!!

Report by Fuli & Anamaria

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On Friday the 5th of June, The girls netball team played a spectacular match against Dallas primary school. the whole team was so determend and focused before the game! we all got into our positions and TWEEEEEET!!! the whistle blew and before our tremendus eyes we were already on the court sweating with exitment. BOOM!!! the ball was heading my way and what ive got the ball and right now all i hear is loud screeching voices calling out my name Aicha Aicha pass me the ball i didnt know who to pass it to but Annamaria was free so i passed it over to her and BOOM!! we got a goal.Later on we had got 2 points and so has Dallas. Miss Di Fabio was watching us cheering while Jesikah ( 5/6D's student teacher) was coaching us and getting us ready for the last half. TWEET!!!! that whistle had blown again and now we were up to our last quarter. We all were in the game pumping and sweating suddenly the ball was at rodaina's feet she pounced up and got the ball and then she chestpassed it over to tricia and BOOM!!!! we had got our 3rd goal we cheered with happines and got back into the game it wasnt long after Dallas caught up and they had reached 5 goals we were shocked but we kept trying with that team spirit locked deep in our hearts BOOM !!! once again Dallas had got another goal. TIME screeched Miss Di Fabio. Finaly the game was over the scores were 3-6 sadley we lost but we all got off the court with a smile on our sweating faces. Report by Aicha Khodr external image NetballAndRing.jpg external image netball.jpg external image paperinkling%2520netball%2520033.png